Polly Guo


Houdini is accused of murder and seeks out Sherlock Holmes to prove his innocence! Special digital edition with extensive edits and revisions to the script and art ($4 per issue)

PLUS 22 PAGES of extra content, including concept art, notes, and an extra comic exclusive to the digital version ($1)

Story and Art: Polly Guo 
Format: PDF and CBZ 
Pages: 84

It’s been a long road and a lot of hard work but it’s finally finished! Thank you for all your support.

IMPORTANT: if you bought the original issues in print directly from me, please email me directly (ygpolly AT gmail.com) to let me know. I want to thank everyone that bought the original print issues by giving them the new digital versions free of charge.

Thank you again and again!

issue 1 |issue 2 | issue 1 + 2 + extra content

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