Polly Guo

Ben’s Day Spa

23 pages 
B&W and color
comes in CBZ and PDF formats

A brand spankin new comic!! Been workin on this one in my spare time in the past few months.

An erotic comic originally intended for the sex-positive, lady-friendly anthology, Smut Peddler (but was ultimately not able to be included). Ben takes his best friend Kylie out to a wonderful day spa with an array of experimental treatments, each one more erotic than the last!

** You must be 18 or older to download this comic.

i storyboarded and directed this at work

Interview: Women of BOOM! – Polly Guo

dwinkus asked: Heya, your about sections still say you live in NY

i haven’t accepted the reality yet


long distance relationship

Anonymous asked: you need to be a director of gobelins next film

sure thing!!!! i await your call gobelins

Anonymous asked: What ever happened to Strongman And Pianist?

Still working on it! I’m actually 300+ pages in. It’s on hold for now because unfortunately I don’t get any money working on it, so most of my time right now is spent looking for jobs, so’s I can continue to survive!